Myths, methods and modern science with PRP hair regrowth

prp hair regrowth

Hair loss is a common worry for both men and women, and several treatments have arisen with varying degrees of efficacy. Among these approaches, platelet-rich plasma Therapy is the best PRP hair treatment Melbourne, with multiple clinical studies and reports demonstrating promising results. 

This drastic treatment involves injecting growth factors into the scalp, which promotes hair regeneration. Despite its growing popularity, many patients question this unique option, indicating the ongoing interest in PRP therapy as a possible treatment for hair loss. Let’s explore the myths, methods and modern science with PRP treatment.

Know About PRP Hair Treatment


Platelet-rich plasma is a popular remedy used to treat skin and hair. This remedy uses the platelets from your own blood to deal with your hair and skin regeneration. PRP is a viable alternative for hair healing.

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Different types of PRP therapy


  • Pure Platelet-Rich Plasma (PPRP): Pure PRP therapy uses advanced clinical technology, including a double-spin process, to reach platelet concentrations of up to 8. This approach outperforms clinical demands for delivered platelets, making it an advanced option for various medical applications, including hair regrowth.
  • Leukocyte Platelet-Rich Plasma (LPRP): LPRP, commonly utilised for open traumatic injuries, has shown great potential in hair restoration. PRP hair treatments such as LPRP promote fibroblast proliferation, aiding wound healing and tissue regeneration. While its principal applications are in trauma care, its ability to encourage hair growth makes it an exciting alternative in PRP hair regrowth.
  • Traditional Platelet Rich Plasma: Platelets are used to promote the formation of collagen and elastin on the scalp. This type of procedure treats hair loss by stimulating the regeneration of hair follicles. It results in thicker and healthier hair over the years.  
  • The Science behind PRP treatment: PRP hair restoration treatment is based on the therapeutic capability of platelet growth factors. These increased elements are vital in boosting hair follicle activity and promoting new hair growth. The procedure involves a systematic approach.

The Science behind PRP treatment


PRP hair treatments is based on the therapeutic capability of platelet growth factors. These increased elements are vital in boosting hair follicle activity and promoting new hair growth. The procedure involves a systematic approach:

  • Blood Collection: Like a routine blood test, the PRP hair regrowth process begins with collecting a small blood sample from the patient.
  • Separation of PRP: The collected blood passes through centrifugation, a high-speed spinning apparatus separating blood components based on density. This separation isolates the platelet-rich plasma layer, which is rich in growth factors.
  • PRP Injection: PRP treatment for hair Melbourne is isolated and injected into particular areas of the scalp with diminishing hair. Local anaesthesia keeps you comfortable during the process. Once injected, the growth factors in PRP take centre stage, rejuvenating hair follicles and growing blood circulation to the scalp. This stimulation sets off the natural hair renewal process.

The science behind PRP in hair treatment underscores its reliance on the regenerative potential of platelet-derived growth factors. By harnessing the body’s healing mechanisms, the professional PRP hair treatment Melbourne offers a minimally invasive and promising avenue for individuals seeking practical solutions to combat hair loss.

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Myths about PRP hair regrowth treatment


  • Age Restrictions: Another common misconception is the imposition of age restrictions on PRP treatment Melbourne. While some clinics may have policies limiting the procedure to individuals above a certain age, there is no inherent age barrier.  The best PRP hair regrowth procedure can benefit individuals across various age groups, and the decision to proceed is often based on individual circumstances rather than a predetermined age limit.
  • Not suitable for women: There is a common myth that plasma replacement therapy hair are most potent for male hair loss. But the thing is different, plasma treatment is suitable for women also. PRP treatments for hair is typically used to stimulate hair boom and remedy baldness for males and females. This treatment’s efficacy is unaffected by gender, as plasma hair loss remedies are better suited for both. There are no restrictions for women seeking PRP hair loss treatment.
  • Very costly: Contrary to popular belief, considering the lifetime expenses associated with home remedies, therapies, and over medications, the cost of plasma-rich hair treatment is, in fact, economically viable. Unlike these alternative methods that often yield limited and temporary results, sometimes even proving ineffective, the best PRP hair loss treatment Melbourne offers a more sustainable solution. 

The possibility of issues recurring with traditional approaches is high. However, PRP hair treatment costs are reasonable, and you need not deplete your life savings for this effective solution. The amount invested is entirely justified by the significant and lasting results you will experience.

Final thoughts


PRP Melbourne is a fantastic combination of medical innovation and natural healing. While myths abound, understanding the method and scientific evidence supporting platelet-rich plasma is critical for making informed decisions.

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