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Skin Treatments Melbourne

Moisture loss, breakouts, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and other chronic dermatological issues can all be brought on by stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition, which can all cause havoc on the delicate microbiome beneath the skin. Our skilled dermal therapists provide a variety of skin treatments Melbourne that can significantly enhance the look of your skin tone and texture to help you regain that youthful, beautiful shine.

Cosmetic Specialists have a treatment that can target your worries, restore and rejuvenate your skin, and address your concerns regarding softening wrinkles, improving acne, minimizing scarring, or unclogging pores. The pride in their expressions after their skin treatments make us even prouder.

No cosmetic surgery can match the satisfaction of clear, healthy skin, and the advantages speak for themselves. We constantly try to be as transparent as possible so that you can make decisions with confidence.

Skin treatments Melbourne

Who is best for skin treatment?

An innovative photo-acoustic technique is used for the Laser Facial Resurfacing treatments at Deluxe Clinic. The texture, tone, fine lines, wrinkles, UV damage, enlarged pores, and skin congestion can all be improved. Freckles, age spots, and the effects of hormonal hyperpigmentation can also be eliminated by this method.

People with flushed skin tones, uneven pigmentation, and superficial facial scars may find the permanent skin whitening treatment Melbourne which will be more helpful for the best outcomes. For patients with active acne, surgery is not recommended. Dark-skinned people may benefit from laser facial resurfacing, and lighter skin tones may not have the same results.

Visit one of our clinics for a free consultation if you need clarification about which treatment would be ideal. We at Deluxe Clinic can recommend the best course of action based on your skin type and specific concerns.

How do you prepare your skin for skin treatment?

  • AHA or BHA cleansers help exfoliate the skin to create a smooth foundation for treatments.
  • Using a serum with hyaluronic acid will ensure that our skin is well-hydrated.
  • Tyrosinase inhibitors are recommended for darker peels or skin types that are more pigmented.
  • SPF for a broad spectrum
  • Depending on your skin type and the sort of peel you are having, we advise preparing your skin 2–6 weeks before any skin peel.

What makes us different from others?

We can access the most advanced medical-grade technologies because a doctor is on-site. Our skin lightening treatment Melbourne will guarantee you with best results. From the beginning of the consultation until the end of your skin care treatments, Deluxe Clinic want you to feel at ease and confident

Technology & Safety:

Our staff of highly qualified therapists is competent in providing best-in-class outcomes using cutting-edge technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products.

Patient-focused care:

Our patients are our primary focus and the object of our dedication. At Deluxe Clinic, we are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care.


Deluxe Clinic maintains a very professional setting to deliver clinical services as a specialised medical facility.
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For the diagnosis and treatment of all skin, hair, and nail issues, our dermatologist is the top medical specialist.

Benefits of Skin Treatment
Enhance blood flow

Circulation improvement is arguably the main advantage of getting a professional facial. Our gentle skin massages during facial treatments help the body's natural circulation. Increased blood flow causes the skin to receive more nutrients and oxygen. Deluxe Clinic provide the best result with brightness and rejuvenation, rejuvenating facial skin cells microcirculation.

Brightens under eye area and decreases puffiness

In addition to reducing the overt symptoms of waste and toxins, such as acne and pimples, our stimulating lymphatic system significantly reduces puffiness. The calming effects of a facial can help reduce feelings of fatigue while also smoothing and brightening the eye area. Our skin whitening treatment Melbourne provides the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, such as crow's feet, around the eyes.

Increase absorption of products

Facial treatments still work miracles a few days to weeks after you leave the spa. The ability of your skin to absorb more nutrients is one of the critical long-term advantages of our facial treatments. Look for the best skin tightening treatment in Melbourne to remove hidden dirt, oil buildup, and dead skin cells using the best products and technologies. Home products, such as serums and moisturisers, are better absorbed and give you softer, more refined skin due to unclogging pores.

Expert's toxins through lymphatic drainage

Skin conditions are one way that toxins can manifest themselves. These include pimples, blemishes, and a skin tone that seems lackluster and worn out. The body's immune system depends heavily on lymphatic drainage, during which blood flow increases. Our skin treatments Melbourne help the body remove toxins and cleanses the skin from the inside out by restoring microcirculation during the facial treatment.

Talk with us:

We are here to assist you in achieving your finest skin and preserving a lovely, healthy glow at Deluxe Clinic. Using medically sophisticated, non-invasive materials and technology, Deluxe Clinic offer specialised skin treatments based on your skin concerns. Our professionals can select a great therapy that will meet your demands, from wellness facials for rejuvenation to cutting-edge procedures using high-performance technologies.

Frequently Ask Questions
What advantages do skin care procedures offer?
Through the circulation of blood beneath the skin, which helps to rejuvenate skin cells, facials can also assist in reducing lymphatic system-related swelling and fluid retention. A significant benefit of healthy circulation is that it helps our skin eliminate impurities while supplying nutrients, including proteins, oxygen, and nutrients.
How long do skin care procedures take to work?
The entire process of skin cell renewal typically takes 30 days. Without intrusive procedures, it usually takes around a month to start noticing benefits from your skincare products.
Do skin treatments hurt?
Although laser skin treatments are highly effective, they can be uncomfortable while administered. Patients have described the mild pain as feeling like a rubber band snapping against their skin, and their skin becomes accustomed to the pain after a few minutes, and they stop touching it.
Is dermatologist care beneficial to the skin?

Dermatologists are the finest doctors to see for any skin issue. They are qualified to identify and handle various skin and hair issues. Deluxe Clinic can offer you the most excellent skincare guidance and suggest the best skincare items for your skin type.

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